What are our pools made of?

Our pools are based on new sea containers, the so-called ONE WAY. After cutting, they are strengthened, construction elements are created. Then the whole thing is protected with anti-corrosion agents and painted with polyurethane paints, ensuring long-term durability. Then the walls of the pool are lined with special boards, which create a smooth surface of the internal walls and at the same time provide thermal insulation. At the end, depending on the customer’s choice, the basin is covered with a 1.5mm or 2mm thick pool liner from the renowned RENOLIT manufacturer. The liner is available in 3 variants:

  • Alkorplan 2000 – with a 10-year water tightness guarantee, available in seven colors
  • Alkorplan Extreme – with a 10-year water tihtness guarantee, a 5-year color guarantee and a 5-year stain resistance guarantee, suitable for commercial applications
  • Alkorplan Touch – Premium liner with a thickness of 2 mm, imitating natural stone, with a 10-year warranty