What preparations are necessary to be made before delivering the pool?

  • After planning the foundation site of the pool, level the designated area with an area slightly larger than the outline of the pool and harden it by pouring a concrete slab of B25 concrete with a thickness of at least 10cm or pouring a layer of compacted aggregate with a thickness of approx. 30 cm.
  • The pool cannot be placed directly on the ground. Its design requires ventilation and direct contact with the ground can cause premature corrosion.
  • When installing the pool on a sloping ground, retaining walls should be made to separate it from direct contact with the ground.
  • For your own convenience and increase the comfort of use, it is worth connecting the water to the pool and the drain to the sewage system. However, it is not required.
  • The pool is equipped with electrical devices and requires power supply, therefore it is worth making a 230V electrical connection in the early stage of preparing the site for the pool’s foundation. However, it is not necessary. The pool can be powered with an extension cord.