Automatic Robotic Swimming Pool Cleaner

Deciding to buy a swimming pool, we imagine lazy afternoons spent in warm water, as well as romantic evenings in the illuminated pool. What doesn’t immediately come to mind, however, is that keeping your pool clean can be time-consuming and tiring. In such a situation, an automatic pool cleaner comes to the rescue. It enables quick and effective cleaning of the pool. It works completely independently, moving along the bottom of the pool, collecting all impurities such as leaves, sand or branches. The automatic vacuum cleaner will also clean the walls and steps of the pool and also clean the shoreline. Thanks to fully automatic operation, the pool owner can engage in other much more interesting activities. And when it’s time to use the pool, it will be clean and sparkling. An automatic pool cleaner is not only a convenience, but also a way to shorten the time needed to keep the pool clean and provide free time to rest and relax in your dream place.

The advantages of having a pool vacuum cleaner cannot be underestimated. If you decide to buy an INFINITY POOLS pool, we will be able to offer any model of a branded vacuum cleaner at a very attractive price.
Our offer includes Zodiac and Dolphin vacuum cleaners as well as many others.

Bottom drain

At the customer’s individual request, we can install a bottom drain in the pool. It allows you to drain the water from the pool very easily. If you choose this option, when preparing the pool for wintering, make sure that there is no water left in both the bottom drain and the pipes leading to it. In the event of frost, if the water left in the system freezes, it may damage the installation.
INFINITY POOLS does not recommend installing a bottom drain. If you want to empty the pool of water, there are a few simple methods to achieve this without having to install a bottom drain.

Thermal insulation

The design of the MODU POOLS modular pools allows for the installation of very effective insulation made of closed-cell polyurethane foam. Closed-cell foam is a type of polyurethane foam that is characterized by small, hermetically sealed cells in its structure. This means that it is able to retain air inside these cells, which gives it excellent insulating properties and additionally prevents water from entering the interior. Therefore, it is used in many applications where moisture resistance is crucial.

The average thickness of the insulation layer in MODU POOLS pools is 10 cm – which is a lot. This solution should be of particular interest to those who think about using the pool as long as possible or those who want to use it all year round. In combination with the appropriate cover, we are able to create a year-round pool that we will successfully use in winter.

Thermal Insulation Xps

It is a type of polystyrene foam with increased density and a closed cell structure, which provides it with high resistance to water and moisture. This makes it ideal for applications where there is contact with moisture.

Pool window with dimensions of 200x100cm

it is our unusual window that can be installed in any pool wall. We install them both in sea container pools and MODU POOLS modular pools. The installation of such a window in the pool adds a new dimension and adds attractiveness to the appearance of the pool. The pool window additionally illuminates the interior of the pool, while at night colorful streams of light flow out through them. A swimming pool with a window installed provides an unforgettable experience, especially if it is located in a beautiful environment. Thanks to the large window in the pool, we have a full view of what is happening inside, which certainly increases the level of safety if the pool is used by small children.