External walls

Basins made of sea containers can be painted in any color from the RAL palette.

The outer walls of the MODU POOLS modular pools have a unique feature of personalization. We offer a wide range of materials that allow you to adjust the appearance of the pool to the surroundings. The standard finishing material is a sandwich panel with a PUR foam core. Additionally, we offer: Natural wood, Architectural concrete, Thermo wood, Composite boards or slats, Exotic wood, Steel panels – powder coated, Corten steel panels, HPL plates, Gres tiles, Quartz sinters. By choosing the right materials, we can achieve a very exclusive, modern effect that will integrate the pool into the surrounding garden and match it to the already existing or planned architecture.

Finishing the crown and entrance steps of the pool

All pools produced by INFINITY POOLS are finished as standard with the TREX USA composite board. It is a premium class board, the coating of which is resistant to fading, discoloration, scratches, mold or insects.

We offer optional finishing of swimming pools with MILLBOARD UK boards. It is an innovative product on a global scale, covered with a flexible Lastane coating with high abrasion resistance and a natural, extremely realistic wood texture. The realistic appearance of the boards is achieved by using hand-made dies of real wood. In addition, the second layer of color is always applied manually, which gives the boards a unique character. These boards are maintenance-free, non-slip, and resistant to algae growth and UV radiation. The core of the board is a mixture of polyurethane foam combined with fiberglass, thanks to which the boards are light and only slightly heat up in the sun

Basin shape

All INFINITY POOLS pools, both pools made of new sea containers and MODU POOLS modular pools, come in several basic versions. Each model offers a slightly different shape of the pool basin. At the customer’s special request, it is possible to adjust the shape we offer to individual expectations. In such a situation, please contact us to agree on the possibility of making changes and the time of their implementation.

Pool foils

Container pools and modular pools produced by INFINITY POOLS are equipped with RENOLIT pool foils. This gives us and the users of our pools a guarantee of the highest quality and trouble-free operation for up to 10 years.
We offer the following types of foil:
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN 2000 – these are one-color, 1.5 mm thick swimming pool foils covered with a protective varnish. The colors available are: white, sand, light blue, Adriatic blue, Caribbean green, light and dark grey.
RENOLIT ALKORPLAN TOUCH – these are 2mm thick swimming pool foils, double varnished, with a perceptible 3D structure, with printed patterns inspired by nature, reminiscent of natural stones. Available patterns: Origin – granite, Prestige – gray stone, Sublime – light brown – lime stone, Vanity – white marble, Elegance – dark, anthracite stone, Relax – sand, Authentic – rustic mosaic of various shades of brown stone.


LED lighting emitting white light is installed as standard in each of our pools. It is powered by a safe 12V voltage from the pool transformer installed in the pool’s engine room. It is the safest solution used in swimming pools, additionally very energy-saving.

RGB LED lighting is optionally available. These are radio-controlled lamps that allow you to choose 1 of 16 operating modes. Colorful LED lighting adds attractiveness and charm to the pool, creating interesting and dynamic lighting effects. Thanks to it, we have many possibilities, such as creating a romantic atmosphere in the evening, obtaining a relaxing effect or creating an atmosphere of fun and unforgettable memories during a party.
It is also worth noting that the different colored LED pool lighting is attractive and impressive to guests, adding charm and elegance to any event.

In MODU POOLS modular pools, it is possible to install lighting in any pool wall. This is a huge advantage because depending on the position of the pool in our garden or on our terrace, we will be able to adjust the direction of the incident light so that it beautifully illuminates the pool and does not dazzle the users around.


Installing a good filtration system in the pool is extremely important because it affects the quality of the pool water and the safety of people using it. We believe that it is worth investing in branded, high-quality components for a filtration system for several reasons: The filtration system removes contaminants from pool water, such as bacteria, viruses, algae and organic pollutants that affect water quality. Choosing good quality components can help keep the water clean and prevent diseases that can be spread through the water.
A filtration system with branded components can also help you save time and money as it keeps the water clean, meaning less time and money is needed for pool maintenance.
Branded filter components are usually more durable and reliable than their cheaper counterparts. This avoids frequent repairs and component replacements, ultimately saving time and money.

The most important elements of filtration systems in swimming pools are circulation pumps and filters.
Below we present a brief description of the functions that these components perform and how important they are in the system.

Circulation pump

The use of a high-quality circulation pump in the pool is extremely important because it affects the efficiency and effectiveness of the entire filtration system. The circulating pump is the heart of the filtration system as it is responsible for the flow of water through the filter and back into the pool. If the pump is weak or not efficient enough, it can cause incomplete water purification and unhealthy conditions in the pool. Water can contain contaminants and bacteria, which poses a health and safety risk to users. Conversely, when a high-quality circulating pump is used, the water is thoroughly and quickly circulated through the filter, ensuring effective filtration and keeping the pool water clean and safe. The efficient pump also increases the efficiency of the filter and reduces the time it takes to clean it, which means less costs and less energy consumption. Good quality of the circulation pump is a guarantee of long life and reliability of the entire filtration system, which means that you will not have to worry about its replacement in a short time.
For these reasons, we install circulation pumps of the German brand SPECK in our pools. These are proven products of the best quality that have been working flawlessly in our pools for years.

Professional sand filter

A professional sand filter is one of the most commonly used types of filters in swimming pool installations. The principle of its operation is based on the use of a filter cartridge filled with special filter sand.
Pool water is pumped through a filter and passed through a filter cartridge where impurities and bacteria are removed. The filter sand acts as a fine mesh to trap contaminants and bacteria, and the purified water is returned to the pool. With use, dirty particles and bacteria build up on the surface of the filter sand, and the filter is cleaned by the pool operator to maintain its effectiveness.
The purification process involves reversing the flow of water through the filter and returning water in the opposite direction to the flow during filtration. This causes dirty particles and bacteria to be removed from the surface of the filter sand. After the purification process is completed, the water flow direction is set back to the filtering direction and the filter is ready for further operation.
Professional sand filters are effective and durable, as well as easy to use. They are also more economical than other types of filters, such as UV light filters and activated carbon filters. Therefore, sand filters are a good choice for pool owners who want to provide themselves and their loved ones with clean and safe water.
In our pools you will find branded filters from the Spanish manufacturer IML. Just like the SPECK circulating pumps we use, IML filters work flawlessly in our pools, ensuring crystal-clear water in the pool.

In the INFINITY POOLS pools, we use several methods of water treatment.

Automatic dosing system

The first and at the same time the most effective method is the use of an automatic dosing station. It allows you to maintain constant levels of chlorine and pH in the pool water, which is crucial for keeping the water clean and preventing the growth of pathogenic bacteria, fungi and viruses. Thanks to the automatic dosing system, pool owners do not have to regularly monitor pH and chlorine levels, which greatly facilitates keeping the water clean and minimizes the risk of contamination. The operation of these devices is based on measuring the level of chlorine and pH in the pool water using special sensors, and then automatically dosing the appropriate amounts of chemicals to maintain the levels of these parameters at the appropriate level.

The automatic dosing system consists of several basic elements:

pH sensor – used to measure the pH level in the pool water. (NOTE, remember that this is a measuring element, and the manufacturer does not cover it with a guarantee. The life of this element can be from 6 to 18 months)
Chlorine sensor – used to measure the level of chlorine in the pool water. (NOTE, remember that this is a measuring element, and the manufacturer does not cover it with a guarantee. The life of this element can be from 6 to 18 months)
pH regulator – it is a device that controls the pH of the pool water and supplies the right amount of acid or alkaline substance to maintain the proper pH level.
Chlorine dispenser – it is a device that supplies the right amount of chlorine to the pool water in order to maintain the proper level.
Controller – it is a device that reads the measurement results from the sensors and controls pH regulators and chlorine dispensers in order to maintain appropriate pH and chlorine levels in the pool water.

Semi-automatic chlorine dispenser

The semi-automatic chlorine dispenser is a device used to add chlorine to the pool water in order to maintain the proper level of disinfection. The operation of the semi-automatic chlorine dispenser is based on the principle of diffusion – chlorine is gradually released from the tablets placed in the container located in the dispenser. The water flows through the container and the chlorine is gradually released and dissolved in the water.
The amount of chlorine flowing into the pool is regulated by means of a valve that changes the amount of water flow through the container.
This solution has three very important advantages.
Due to the large capacity of the tablet tank – 3kg, it can be refilled once every few weeks.
Thanks to the smooth regulation of the flow, we can control the amount of chlorine dosed. The simple construction makes it a virtually failure-free device.
The investment cost is very low compared to an automatic dosing system.

At the customer’s individual request, we can use other water treatment solutions, such as electrolysers or UV lamps.

Heating the pool water in our Central European climate is very important as the pool water can be too cold for comfortable use most of the year. In the summer, the water can reach temperatures of up to 25-30 degrees Celsius, but in other months it may be too cold for swimming and relaxing. Heating the pool water allows you to extend the pool season, even up to 8-9 months a year, which increases the benefits of having a pool.

heat pumps

The use of a pool heat pump is one of the best solutions for heating swimming pool water. Compared to other methods, such as electric, heat pumps offer many advantages.
Firstly, pool heat pumps are very efficient and energy efficient. They use thermal energy contained in the air, ground or water to heat the pool water. Thanks to the fact that they take heat from the environment and do not produce it, they use up to 80% less energy compared to other pool heating methods.

At INIFNITY POOLS, we invariably use HEWALEX pool heat pumps. Their great advantage, in addition to quiet, reliable operation, is the warranty period of up to 4 years. This is a very important factor because it guarantees us that the investment in the pool heat pump will definitely pay off, and it is also an assurance of the high quality of the product. The pumps we install have a Wi-Fi module that allows remote communication, reading and adjustment of parameters.

Connection of an external heat source

Sometimes it happens that the client has his own heat pump or some other source of heating, e.g. solar heaters. In such a situation, at the customer’s request, we install connection pipes in the outer wall of the pool to which these heat sources can be connected and used. In the middle of the machine room, a By-Pass is installed, which allows you to regulate the flow and adjust it to the required size.


This is a device that we install in the pool to allow swimming in place. The main function of the counter current is to generate water flow while swimming in place, so it gives you the feeling of swimming in the opposite direction, which allows you to train for endurance, improve physical condition and increase the number of calories burned in one workout. The great advantage of the counter-current is also the ability to swim in a pool with compact dimensions. Thanks to it, we do not need a 12 or 25 meter long pool to perform a solid workout. Already in the 6-meter-long pool, we can exercise endurance, we can work on improving swimming technique, style and speed. The counter-current provides additional fun and increases the pleasure of using the pool. The devices we install have a massage function. All you have to do is reduce the flow of water and add bubbles in one move. This will allow you to relax tired and tense muscles, improve blood circulation and improve blood supply to the skin.

Both our container pools and MODU POOLS modular pools can be equipped with counter-current. At INIFNITY POOLS, we focused on the quality of the installed devices and decided on the products of the Polish manufacturer LEPSOD. They are entirely made of high-quality stainless steel, which gives them a very attractive and exclusive look. In addition, stainless steel is extremely durable and will ensure trouble-free use for many years. The countercurrent is turned on by means of a piezoelectric button mounted in the body of the device. This is an extremely convenient solution that gives us the ability to turn the device on and off at any time.

We offer two variants of the counter-current – with a single nozzle or with a double nozzle with increased flow. In addition, we offer several types of pumps to choose from, which differ in power supply 230V or 400V and power from 2.2kW to 5kW.
The more powerful the pump, the greater the capacity and the greater the water flow. In turn, the greater the flow, the more difficult it is to swim against the current and requires more commitment to training.

Baseny z kontenerów


A very interesting proposition for people looking for relaxation in the pool is the installation of a massage system. We install it in the pool steps in the INFINITY 4 and INFINITY 6 models.
The massage system consists of 4 nozzles equipped with Venturi nozzles, an efficient 2.2 kW pump and a system of pipes and valves. The water is sucked in by the pump’s suction nozzle and discharged under high pressure into the pool. In practice, the system of 4 jets creates two massage stations and is a very interesting attraction that makes your stay in the pool more pleasant.

baseny z kontenerów


The stainless steel spout is an interesting element that is both a massage and a visual attraction of the pool. We can install it on any side of the pool to match the surroundings as much as possible. The pool spout adds charm and elegance to the pool, especially when it is made of an elegant material such as stainless steel. Thanks to this, it creates a unique stylish atmosphere that will certainly attract attention and impress your guests. The water flowing from the pool spout produces a calming sound that can put you in a state of relaxation and relaxation. Thanks to this, using the pool becomes even more pleasant and relaxing. The pool spout also serves as a relaxing massage. The water flowing from the spout exerts a slight pressure on the body, which can be soothing and relieve muscle tension. If the pool is used by children, the spout will be an additional element of fun for them, which will give them a lot of joy. Children love to play with the water jet in all possible ways. The pool spout also has one very practical function: it aerates the water, which helps to keep it clean. Thanks to this, the water in the pool is better oxygenated, which contributes to the reduction of the amount of bacteria and algae. This means that your pool will require less chemicals, which in turn will benefit your health and the environment.

The spout is turned on with a remote control, the same one we use to turn the lights on and off in the pool.
The spout is powered by a separate pump and together with the system of pipes and valves, it creates a completely separate system in the pool.

Pool cover

The pool cover plays a very important role in maintaining the pool in good condition and in ensuring the safety of users. The pool cover protects the water from impurities such as leaves, branches, dust or insects that may fall into the pool. As a result, the water stays cleaner and requires fewer chemicals, which has a positive effect on the environment and your household budget. It also significantly reduces the evaporation of water from the pool surface, which allows you to reduce water losses and reduce operating costs. The pool cover protects the pool from harmful UV radiation, which can adversely affect the quality of water and the durability and appearance of pool elements, such as liner, e.g. pool foil. A pool cover, especially a safety/winter cover, can provide an additional protective barrier for children and pets who may accidentally fall into the pool and be unable to get out. A pool cover can prevent such situations and increase the safety of pool users. The thermal foil and PVC blinds we use have insulating properties and can help to increase the temperature of the water in the pool. Especially in our climate, where very cold nights alternate with hot days, the use of thermal covers is of great importance. The pool water heated during the day and protected by the pool cover does not cool down quickly, which makes using the pool more comfortable and the swimming season can be extended.

Thermal foil

Thermal foil on a stainless steel reel – it is the most commonly used pool cover. The thermal foil is made of polyethylene with a thickness of 400 microns with a special structure of air bubbles. Thanks to the special structure, the film is durable and resistant to mechanical damage, and at the same time very flexible. Air bubbles in the foil structure provide very good thermal insulation, which helps to keep the pool water warm, reducing heating costs. This film also has increased resistance to UV rays, which ensures a longer life and minimizes the need for frequent replacement.

Stainless steel coiler

The thermal foil is wound on a roll made by us from scratch. The entire shaft on which the film is wound is made of stainless steel, and the film is rolled up using a hand-made steering wheel, also entirely made of stainless steel. It is made with great care and is an attractive decoration of the pool. The highest quality materials used in the production of the reel guarantee its durability and reliability.

Thermal foil housing

Our proprietary thermal foil housing is a solution that will allow you to effectively hide the thermal foil and protect it from harmful UV radiation, without obscuring the beautiful view from the pool. We used the best materials to create an elegant element that will harmoniously fit into the whole of your pool. The housing is made of high-quality powder-coated aluminum, color matched to the pool. The casing cover, finished with a composite board, in the same style as the pool, is lifted pneumatically using actuators. Thanks to this, the operation is easy and trouble-free. To cover the pool with thermal foil, just open the cover of the casing, then stretch the foil on the surface of the water, and then close the cover. If you want to discover the pool, the process is even easier – we simply open the housing cover and roll up the foil using the steering wheel. The thermal foil casing is not only a practical solution, but also an important decorative element that will significantly affect the overall appearance of your pool. We highly recommend purchasing our enclosure to enjoy the beautiful view from the pool without any obstacles.

Automatic pool blind

A pool cover is the most luxurious, effective and durable way to cover your pool. PVC profiles used for the production of roller shutters are specially designed for swimming pools. Their appropriate shape and chemical composition ensure comfort of use and resistance to pool water. Prevents water evaporation, reducing heat loss and enabling energy savings of up to 90%. The air enclosed in the roller shutter chambers provide good thermal insulation and buoyancy, which allows you to float on the water without the need for guides. The interconnected profiles form a rigid cover on the surface of the water, protecting against falling into the water. The ends of the profiles are tightly closed by specially shaped plugs. The roller blind is most often mounted with a winder with an electric motor.

Pool blinds

they can be mounted outside, on the edge of the pool or under water. When the roller shutter is installed on the crown of the pool, the roller shutter falls onto the water when unfolded and moves along the surface until it covers the entire water surface.

Underwater blind

it is completely hidden under water. When the blind is unrolled, its panels emerge from under the water one by one and move along the surface of the water until the entire surface is covered. This is a particularly attractive solution because the invisible roller blind does not disturb the view of the minimalistic swimming pool, and the process of lifting the roller blind out of the water is very effective. In addition, the blind, which is hidden under water, is not exposed to weather conditions, which increases its durability.