The normal lead time for an order is approximately 8 weeks. This period may be extended depending on the number of orders currently in progress. The exact date of execution of the order will be determined at the time of its submission.


Fill out the pool configurator form on our website and send it to us with your contact details.
We will contact you as soon as possible to talk about your specific needs and present a commercial offer.
If any items in our configurator are not quite clear to you, please contact us directly. We will be happy to tell you about individual elements and define your needs and present an offer.
After accepting the commercial offer, an agreement for the implementation of the order will be sent to you by e-mail. Please read it, sign it and send it back to us.
At this point, your order goes to our fulfillment queue. To start construction, an advance payment of 50% of the total order amount is required.
After the advance payment, your pool goes to implementation. When we are close to completing the construction of the pool, we will contact you to arrange the exact date and time of delivery.
When the pool is ready, we will send you materials presenting the finished product. At this point, payment of the remaining amount is required.
After receiving the payment, the pool is transported to you on the agreed date.


We deliver the pools to the customer with our own transport.
The cost of transport is covered by the buyer. Its height depends on the distance.
The buyer can arrange transport on their own and pick up the pool directly from the production plant.
It is the buyer’s responsibility to arrange for a crane or other means to unload the pool at the place of delivery.
We deliver our pools all over Europe.
Our qualified representative delivering the pool will help with the unloading and installation of the pool.


When everything is ready, our installer will start the pool (it is important to ensure quick and efficient filling of the pool with water. Otherwise, an additional fee will be required due to the need to extend the stay of our employee at the installation site)
The investor is required to perform a grounding system for the swimming pool structure. This should be done immediately after delivery of the pool.


In the place of foundation of the pool, a concrete slab with a thickness of 15 cm should be poured using concrete B25. The plate must be leveled and even over the entire surface.
The exact specification of the substrate preparation will be provided to the buyer shortly after placing the order.
An electrical power source must be provided near the pool. The connection power may vary depending on the pool equipment, but most often it is a single-phase 230V installation.
The exact specification of the installation will be communicated to the buyer shortly after placing the order.