Container pools

The pools from the new INFINITY POOLS sea containers are unique. See for yourself.

No environment is too difficult for them.

They have been designed to be a solution for all conditions. These are the only pools on the market that you can install anywhere.

Sloping terrain, or maybe wetland? – Easy! Strong construction and ground mounting solve this problem.

Rooftop or high altitude pool? – there is no better solution than a swimming pool with INFINITY POOLS.

Tight little garden? – the compact design of our pools will save you a lot of space.

You can’t dig the pool because, for example, pipes and installations run there? – our above-ground pools are the solution for you.

Do you have a perfect, well-kept garden that you don’t want to destroy? – after the installation of our pool there is not even a trace.

Ready to act immediately.

Each INFINITY POOLS pool is complete, has a complete hydraulic and electrical installation. It is finished as you wanted: external color, pool foil, composite boards – everything in accordance with your order.

They adapt to you.

Do you like relaxation, sports or maybe playing in the water. Do you want a free-standing swimming pool or maybe it will be an extension of your terrace? Choose one of the 5 available models. Everyone offers something different.

Modern but in a pocket edition.
Dispensers, Probes, Fuses, Electrolysers, LEDs, Wi-Fi, Heat pumps – our pools have it all “inside” to make you more comfortable.

Attractions to choose from, to color.
Counter-current, massage, fountain – these attractions will make fun in the pool more pleasant for you and your family. We won’t let you get bored.

They focus on reliability.
That is why we install only branded components in them. We don’t take shortcuts. We like to meet our clients, but we thank you in advance for any unnecessary faults

They also do something for the environment.
Did you know that two pools are created from one container. So we use the entire container and all post-production waste is recycled. What else do we do for the environment? We install ecological heat pumps that will save up to 80% of electricity.

How big are they and how much do they weigh?
Container pools are 610cm long and 255cm wide. They come in two depths: 115cm and 135cm. They weigh about 3000 kg

What distinguishes our container pools?

  • Only new containers – our pools have no dents or scratches, they are perfect.
  • The best paints – we believe that their use will provide the best possible protection.
  • Only branded components – to have peace of mind.
  • Composite boards from the top shelf – it has to be nice, durable, the best.
  • Details and details – you have to see them to understand and appreciate them.

Their compact and strong construction makes them very durable and resistant to external factors. An important feature of sea container pools is that minimal preparation is required to install them. Within a few hours of delivery, after filling with water, the pool is ready to play.

For the construction of our pools, we use only new sea containers, so that each pool looks perfect, without any dents or damage. We attach great importance to the appearance of our products and their functionality, which is why we strongly suggest that our container pools be installed above ground

Main features and advantages of our new sea container pools

  • Pool length – 610cm
  • Total width 255cm
  • Water depth 115cm or 135cm
  • The pool is delivered complete and ready to use, it includes all selected elements of pool technology, pumps, filters, attractions, heating, dispensers and a complete electrical installation.
  • The pool is painted in any color from the RAL palette
  • Personalization of the pool basin
  • Basin shape
  • Type and color of the pool foil
  • Very easy pool installation process
  • High quality workmanship – 24-month warranty

If you need the pool to be installed in the ground, or would like to adjust the pool to your needs even more, check the offer of our MODU POOLS modular pools.

Find out more about the models of container pools that are in our offer. Certainly one of them will meet your expectations.

REMEMBER that if you would like to make any changes, adjust an element to suit you better, please contact us. We are sure that together we will work out the perfect solution.

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